Takoyaki - A Japanese snack

First invented in Osaka by a street vendor named Tomekichi Endo in 1935. It is thought that he wanted to combine two popular snacks.

Akashiyaki - mini octopus omelet and Choboyaki, ball shaped snacks. This resulted in the Takoyaki, a ball shaped snack filled with octopus, dried shrimps, Japanese red ginger and tempura scraps. It is made by hand using chopsticks and a takoyaki pan with deep round notches.

Takoyaki in Louvain La Neuve

In Osaka, it is possible to taste Takoyaki in the countless shops that are always crowded. For the first time in Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium, you too will be able to discover those famous stuffed dumplings that will make you travel directly from Belgium to Japan without any stop.

In our shop we will offer a variation of Takoyaki that includes the original ingredients in addition to chicken, bacon and cheese. These snacks are served warm and we advise some refreshing Japanese beers, Asahi or Kirin Ichiban. If you like Kombucha, we got some of the best one from Yugen brewery. And of course, if you wanna try a good nihonshu, we're also on point !

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Snack Louvain La Neuve

After visiting Japan and its many street food stalls, we wanted to replicate that feeling here in Louvain La Neuve. That’s why right now in Louvain La Neuve you are able to enjoy a delicious snack (Takoyaki). We have made it possible for you to choose between 4 or 8 pieces. So whether you are feeling a big hunger or just want a small bite, this snack will be able to satisfy anyone’s need. In the centre of Louvain La Neuve you will find our shop, so do not hesitate to visit us and try a taste of our mouth-watering snack. Read More