About us

About us

May 2018, just out of the plane, after 12 hours and 30 minutes of flight, I can hardly wait .. A crowd of people, my eyes wide open, I finally walk in the crowded streets of Osaka (the real food heaven of Japan). My stomach is growling! And here, food trucks and booths are everywhere! Ramen, sushi, I love it! But I desire something more original .. One thing I have seen many times in my favourite animations .. Takoyakis! These delicious salty donuts, traditionally filled with octopus, are an important part of Osaka, it's the typical snack of the region. In these streets it attracts many tourists and locals, who watch carefully at the chefs making these à la minute.

Since I was young, I am passionate about cooking and the Japanese culture, so I decided to bring back with me a memory worthy of the name: A recipe.

Listening to my inspiration, I started to infuse the famous Takoyaki with more European flavours, making it a mix, but always respecting the traditional base. After several "tests" on friends, the recipe was perfected, I could let my imagination speak and use the flavours that I like.

Surrounded by family and friends, the idea of ​​opening my own shop soon became reality. The opportunity followed almost naturally and here we are a few days before the opening

"Itadakimasu" means "Thank you for this meal" in Japanese, giving birth to Itadaki Max.